by Chelsea Mone't

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Ay look you gotta help your self
You gotta get up & you gotta help yourself
You gotta do it
If you want it you gotta take it
You gotta SNATCH IT
I am divine and you are a reflection of me
So tell me what does that make you??
ooo ooo oooooo

They use to call me Big Worm
Some still do
Baby you got freewill
Just be you
Lke aayyyy what it do

Its a blessin’ or a lesson
Either way Im not stressin (2x)

I dont like my lovers bough, picky with they food
Why you turnin up yo nose cause i smoke to get into the mood
Baby I been through a lot it might seem rude to you
But to a thot who I bought a little bit of food,she think I'm mad cool
You’re more interesting when I'm high, you’re a bore
Used to get whoppins, forgot to do my chores
I dont fold my stuff, I just stuff it in the drawers
Am I black, African-American, or am I an Earthling
Or an I a Moor? YO!
They been callin us lazy, since we stopped working for free
Weed is my currency, talk that green if you want a verse from me
The regular it don't work for me
Check ya watch, time of death? Right now I just murked the beat
I dont serve it up but i work the streets
They gone take me serious most certainly
I did it, I did it! Fat lady sing curtain me
Hope these haters learn something how they lurkin me
They do not teach this at universities
Labor of love I'm on 11, almost Hercules.Hercules.Geeez geez..
27 but you got me acting all young
like “got dam this is fun!” but soon we gone have to run.
For our liberties.But I wont go out like a punk imma die with some dignity
Imma take my freedom even if it comes with dog bites and some injuries
Baby are you feeling me? Maybe its stupidity.Middle finger to the industry
Maybe its stupidity,baby are you feeling me? Big Worm in the building G
Middle finger to the..uh.uh

They used to call me Big Worm
Some still do
Me and all my exs..we still cool
Hit her up like aayyyyy what it do
like ayyy what it do
Baby shake something make it move baby
Shake something

To the drama I am deadly allergic
Even to hear a broad suck her teeth make me nervous

(Help yo self SelfHelpRaps
JusJay on the beat)

Its a blessin’ or a lesson
Either way Im not stressin (3x)

They use to call me Big Worm
Some still do
Baby you got freewill
Just be you
They used to call me..Big Worm
Lke aayyyy what it do

Its your hour

From the Bay to LA
Alrigtht thats it
Come back for more.

-Chelsea Monet ©


released November 9, 2016
Written & Performed By :Chelsea Monet
Produced & Mixed by JUSJAY in San Jose , CA

Single Art By Raul Juarez from ©Omniklix & LoveBoxStudios




all rights reserved


Chelsea Mone't Los Angeles, California

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